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How to Ensure You Make the Most of Your Storage Space

How to Ensure You Make the Most of Your Storage Space

Follow these three tips to make accessing and unloading a storage space a breeze.

1. Store Upward

Maximize storage space by going vertical with stored items. Selecting a unit with shelving can make going up easier. Put heaviest items on the floor and decrease weight with height. Leave a small and sturdy step ladder in the unit to safely and easily access items on top.

2. Prioritize

Pack the storage unit based on need and frequency of use. Put items that may be needed towards the front of the unit and the others in the back. For example, family heirlooms and collector’s items can be placed in the rear of the unit. However, important papers such as financial or medical records should be stored in front. Doing so makes these documents easy to get to in the event of an emergency.

3. Pack Smartly

Color coding helps keep things organized, even during loading and unloading storage. Choose a different color for each room. Try using different colored packing tape, permanent markers, and lids. Know what’s inside by also incorporating clear bins and storage bags.

Keep these tips in mind when selecting the perfect sized unit and amenities for storage.

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