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Top Four Must-Haves for a Move

Top Four Must-Haves for a Move

Moving might sound simple, but, in reality, it can be an incredibly overwhelming situation. Sorting and packing every single possession in a home is no small task, and it can lead to headaches down the road if corners are cut along the way. Whether moving belongings into a storage space or a new home, these essentials can help result in a more fluid transition.An image of a lady moving boxes.

Permanent Markers

Envision this: After weeks of packing, someone moves into their apartment, only to realize that they have no idea what is in any of their moving boxes. Avoid this nightmare by using a permanent marker to label every box with a list of its contents. Then, when unpacking, time sensitive boxes can be prioritized over those that can stay in indoor storage. This way, they don’t all have to be opened at once.

The Right Moving Boxes

It’s incredibly important to get sturdy, undamaged boxes. Begin saving boxes from purchases a few months before the move, but make sure that they are in good shape and don’t have holes, tears, or water damage. The last thing any new mover needs is to have a box burst open in the middle of a transition.

Cushioning or Padding

Many possessions can just be packed into a box and travel fine, but for glassware and other fragile belongings, it’s important to have the right cushioning. Whether this is bubble wrap, packing peanuts, or simply wrapping the fragile belongings in clothing, it’s definitely necessary to incorporate cushioning or padding into the process.

A Moving Dolly

Whether relocating items to a storage facility or a new home, moving boxes for days on end can lead to serious back damage. An easy fix is to simply invest in a moving dolly, which will prevent too much lifting and carrying and let physics do the work.

Moving doesn’t have to be complicated. Going in with the right tools can make the process run much more smoothly.

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