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How to Maximize Space in an Apartment

How to Maximize Space in an Apartment

From New York to San Francisco, Detroit to New Orleans, more and more Americans are returning to the urban centers of cities. In a reversal of the population shift toward the suburbs that defined previous generations, young people (and people young at heart) are drawn to life in the city. Of course, leaving the suburbs is not without drawbacks, as living space is at a premium in most city apartments. Making the most out of an apartment means maximizing space by reducing clutter and finding creative ways to store all that stuff. Here are a few tips for making the most out of a smaller space.

Make Furniture Do Double Duty

An apartment bedroom

Need a guest bed but want a couch? Why not both? There are plenty of great pieces of furniture that can be more than one thing, or that can expand and contract based on a homeowner’s needs. A futon or sofa bed in the guest room is a good way to offer visitors a place to crash without permanently sacrificing the floor space for a bed. In addition, a table that fits four but can expand to fit more will help keep things open. Another idea is to use chests as coffee tables and end tables.

Make Declutter Your Bread and Butter

It’s a fact that most people have more things than they need or use in the average month, let alone daily. It’s a good idea to seriously evaluate whether certain things need to be kept around. Sports equipment, heavy-duty kitchenware that rarely gets used (looking at you, bread maker), and even clothes that never get worn can all go to someone else who will love them rather than have them take up space.

At Seaport Storage, we understand that it’s not always easy to cast out some of your items, even if they are taking up your entire closet. Our affordable storage units let you turn “goodbye” into a much easier “see you later” to those items. Our secure storage facility’s surveillance and security features let you rest easy knowing your things are safe and waiting for that next ski trip (or maybe your next home). Check out our size guide and view our rates to get an idea of how much storage you’ll need to clear up space in your apartment, then contact us at 650-364-3866 to rent a unit!

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