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Sell, Store, or Trash? A Guide to Your Belongings Before Moving

Sell, Store, or Trash? A Guide to Your Belongings Before Moving

One of the easiest ways to making moving less stressful is to sort through and organize your belongings before packing and relocating them. This process also gives homeowners a chance to get rid of some things and make life in a new house less cluttered. Here’s how to decide what to sell, what to store, and what to throw away before a move.

Start the Organizing Process Early

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Waiting until the last minute to start considering which items should stay and which items should go will only make the organizing process more hectic. It’s better to start early and slowly go through each thing one by one while there’s still time to make decisions about them. Getting a head start on organizing also ensures that each choice to keep or get rid of something is carefully considered and deliberate.

Identify Items to Get Rid of First

Start by identifying which items can definitely be thrown out, such as worn-out clothing, broken electronics, and furniture that won’t fit in the new home. Sell, donate, or give away items that are still in decent shape, and throw away things that are falling apart or broken beyond repair. Once a lot of stuff has been disposed of, deciding which remaining items should be put in storage and which ones should be brought to the new house will be much simpler.

Store Important but Rarely Used Belongings

There will be many belongings that obviously have a place in the new home, such as clothing, furniture, appliances, and electronics. On the other hand, seasonal clothing and decorations, important documents, and items that have sentimental but not necessarily practical value are likely better off in storage. Storage facilities offer several security and surveillance features to ensure that everything stays safe.

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