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A worker looking at inventory for Seaport Storage in Redwood City, CA


Seaport Storage offers quality storage space for families, individuals, businesses, or anyone who needs to store specialty items such as RVs and boats. Our modern facility is clean, bright, and conveniently located on the bay. One of our specialties is commercial storage, which we provide for many different types of businesses.

Why Commercial Storage Is Important

Free up valuable closet and warehouse space by utilizing commercial storage at Seaport Storage. Whether you need to store extra furniture, seasonal equipment, important records, or other items that aren’t accessed on a regular basis, storage outside of your business location can make economic and practical sense. What’s more, we offer the security you need for peace of mind knowing that your business’ assets are safely stored in a secure place.

Businesses that Rent Storage Space

Who rents space with us? All types and sizes of businesses do. Businesses involved in legal services, pharmaceuticals, health and wellness, construction, recreation, hospitality, and retail represent just some of the many industries that make use of commercial storage.

Visit our facility, located right off Bayshore Freeway in Redwood City, to see for yourself how we can be of service to your business. The safety of your valuable items is paramount to us. That’s why we employ effective security measures, from video surveillance to individually alarmed spaces. We also provide the convenience you want, including a variety of storage unit sizes and easy elevator access.

Call 650-364-3866 or contact us online to reserve your commercial storage unit today!