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Moving boxes about to be stored at Seaport Storage in Redwood City, CA


You deserve the peace of mind that comes from storing your property in a clean, safe space. That’s why Seaport Storage offers top-quality storage units in a wide range of sizes. You can store everything from personal documents to boats and RVs at our trusted location in Redwood City.

Surveillance and Security Features

Keeping your belongings safe is our top priority. Our high-tech security system monitors the facility at all times, keeping out potential wrongdoers while allowing property owners easy access to their storage spaces. Our system features digital video surveillance, individually alarmed spaces, elevator access, and biometrics. Combined with our modern, well-lit facility, our surveillance system creates a safer environment for your valued property.

Additional Features

In addition to safety features, we also offer unit upgrades like carpeting and shelves, access to our free 17-foot moving truck, air-conditioning, humidity control, and drive-up spaces. We also strike an ideal balance between maintaining your privacy and keeping our facility clean. We do not access your storage space, but we do clean common spaces like hallways to keep our facility free of dirt and debris.

Seaport Storage gives every customer the storage space they need. Whatever you need to store, long-term or short-term, we can accommodate it. Reserve your space today!